February 26 – March 1 at Denver, CO.

This event will allow your company to see the present and the future of physical asset maintenance in the mining sector.

Visit us for a chance to win a bottle of Scotch Whisky.

Experience the best two features of the SME Minexchange: our flagship maintenance software, Guide Ti, and a chance to win a fine bottle of Scotch Whisky.

All you need to do is go to the Expo and find COGEP/Guide Ti booth #2543 to chat.

If you don’t go, why not follow us or make an appointment with us.

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Best features of Guide Ti

Guide Ti CMMS software is an essential element in the setup of a process of maintenance management and reliability in an organization.

A powerful CMMS provides a variety of helpful features. Visit our website below to see what is integrated into Guide Ti.

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