Warranty Management in CMMS

Save time and money by ensuring better management of service contracts and avoiding repairing parts still under warranty.

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waranty management

Guide Ti tracks warranties and lets you know at the right time that you need to take action.

Managing warranties in Guide Ti goes beyond a simple field with a date. It simplifies your life, improves your efficiency and, above all, reduces your maintenance expenses.

Guide Ti tracks warranties and lets you know at the right time that you need to take action. For example, it notifies you when the warranty on parts or pieces of equipment expires. It also highlights work orders that contain components under warranty so that you can review the details and submit claims.

Thanks to implementing a business process, you can monitor repairs to equipment or parts that may benefit from warranties and then set up an action plan to replace the parts under warranty. It also lets you know the status of a specific part, at a specific time.

When there is a breakdown, it is easy to know if a repair service is included or a warranty is still valid to cover replacing the defective part.

Warranty management features in Guide Ti

  • Warnings on current warranties
  • Never again forget the dates to perform a final inspection before the warranty expires
  • Accurately manage warranty timeframes based on the date the part was shipped or installed
  • Easy warranty claim for more money saved

11 business challenges that CMMS Guide Ti can help you meet

Guide Ti is a maintenance management tool that has an impact on all of a company’s operations.

In fact, implementing good maintenance practices combined with the use of Guide Ti will help your organization be more competitive.

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