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We provide computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to small and large organizations so they can manage efficiently the preventive, corrective and reliability of their assets, like equipment, vehicle fleets, and buildings.

Our advanced CMMS solution, Guide Ti, will facilitate your maintenance team’s management, control your budgets rigorously, and assist you in daily maintenance tasks.

Drive your maintenance department like never before

and much more. See our CMMS Solutions menu tab.

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32 years of support to the global maintenance and reliability community. (Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals,, Society for Mining Metallurgy & Exploration)
32 years of design by passionate maintenance practitioners and by creative software solution developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

CMMS is the acronym for Computerized Maintenance Management Software. It is a solution that manages all aspects of preventive and corrective maintenance and reliability of your assets.

It is an essential element in the setup of a process for the maintenance of assets. It is a CMMS.

A CMMS has many features and modules to help you manage the corrective and preventive maintenance of your assets: Work order management, inventory management, planning and scheduling, warranty management, and much more. See our Solution tab.

Yes. Guide Ti can be a stand-alone product or an add-on for SAP, JDE, ORACLE and Microsfot Dynamics.

A computerized maintenance management system or CMMS is software that manages the information related to the maintenance of equipment, buildings, vehicle and other physical assets. It helps track work orders, plan and schedule maintenance tasks and workforce, and much more.