Lockout Tagout in CMMS

Beyond LOTO: Innovations that strengthen and enhance worker safety.

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The health and safety of your employees must be a priority in your maintenance department. Managing safety compliance procedures should facilitate identification and elimination of hazards in the workplace.

Lockout Tagout functions.

Lockout Tagout – LOTO procedures ensure that safety actions are implemented during the maintenance of your assets. But beyond that, Guide Ti innovates with many features that can make a difference in health and safety in a maintenance department:

  • Risk assessments
  • Manage confined spaces
  • Management and evaluation of mechanical, chemical, ergonomic and physical task risks
  • Calculate the risk index using mandatory questions related to the problem. These questions are based on a chart of prioritization of risks, dangers and consequences.
  • Potential consequences
  • Frequency
  • Exposure
  • Probability
  • Automatic registration of security actions on WOs.
  • Switching to the digital transformation of your security procedures.
  • Lockout Tagout Documents linked to the correct assets and generated with each work order.

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