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COGEP has been a leader in maintenance management software since 1989. Our flagship software is Guide Ti, a powerful world-class CMMS / EAM (Computerized Maintenance Management Software / Enterprise Asset Management System).

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Guide Ti is a maintenance management solution that helps maintenance team members organize and plan preventive and corrective maintenance. Our CMMS also facilitates rapid emergency interventions to prevent equipment failures, and decrease downtime.

With Guide Ti, you can manage the maintenance of all strategic assets such as production equipment, vehicles and facilities. Our solution also satisfies the needs for procurement and inventory management for your spare parts. Click here for an overview of our solutions.

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Thousands use Guide Ti every day in the United States and around the world 

For more than three decades, this solution has improved the performance of maintenance management departments in more than 17 countries. It contributes to the success of companies in sectors such as manufacturing, industrial, food processing, mining, fleet maintenance, facilities,  and city services. Every day thousands of users log in to Guide Ti to record service requests, manage team work and assets, executes tasks, manage parts and analyze data. Click here for an overview of our solutions.

Our dedicated and passionate team members

One of the reasons for COGEP’s success and its high customer loyalty rate is, without a doubt, the quality of its personnel. Maintenance people develop Guide Ti software for maintenance people. Former maintenance managers, reliability experts, maintenance consultants, maintenance engineers were living your reality before joining COGEP and now share their experience with each customer to assure implementation success. You can also count on a complete team of developers, data integrators, project managers, salespeople, and customer support with 10, 15 and 25 years of experience.

Would you like to know more about COGEP or Guide Ti? Do not hesitate to contact one of our product specialists.

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