Guide Ti: All-in-one platform for all your maintenance needs that optimizes maintenance work processes.

With Guide Ti you can easily manage all aspects of preventive/corrective maintenance and reliability for your assets and focus on optimizing your maintenance department and extending your asset life-cycle.
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Maintenance challenges finally resolved with the right CMMS and Asset Management tool

If you are a fellow Maintenance Manager in a fast-paced, 24/7 production environment, you are no stranger to the constant demands for more product out the door, less downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

If you are managing hundreds or thousands of assets, your maintenance team will always do its best to put out the day’s fires, while pushing continuous improvement as well.

We understand your situation, and have designed Guide Ti based on your reality. We are passionate and experienced maintenance practitioners involved in developing the best CMMS and asset management solution on the market.

If you are constantly missing productivity targets and can’t figure out why, and your folks on the operations side feel you’re having too many equipment breakdowns and too much production loss, we understand your situation and are ready to help.

Discover 15 Guide Ti functionalities, and a powerful and flexible Computerized Maintenance Management Software and Asset Management Solution.

people management in cmms
Lockout Tagout in CMMS
Emergency Service Calls
Work Order Management in CMMS
Project Management in CMMS
Planning and Scheduling in CMMS
Reporting and KPIs in CMMS
Advanced Dynamic Dashboard
Electronic approval in maintenance management
Alert notification in CMMS
Warranty Management in CMMS
Part Request in CMMS
Reparaible Spare Parts in CMMS
Inventory Management in CMMS
Asset Management in CMMS and EAM