People Management in CMMS

Better manage your human resources to optimize their productivity and offer them a safer work environment.

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People Management in CMMS
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Guide Ti contributes to better human resources management and to the safety of maintenance and production personnel.

Better human resources management

People management in a CMMS is easy with Guide Ti. It is a powerful tool to manage your workforce, like mechanics and electricians, every day. There are many features in every module to better manage the productivity of your human resources. In addition, the use of data and KPIs available for each work order can help you analyze your strengths and the aspects you need to improve for each employee.

Regarding employee efficiency, the Wizard guides users through creating a work order. People with basic training in the software or with little technical knowledge can fill out work orders appropriately. The person who fills in the work order can be in direct contact with the technician performing the repair. Other modules like our Planner and Scheduler optimize your resources and external contractors when the job must be executed when the equipment is available.

Transfer knowledge much more easily with CMMS Guide Ti

Because Guide Ti centralizes information such as assets and historical data, you can integrate new employees and level out lack of training, and manage knowledge transfer following the unexpected departure of a key employee.

  • Help reduce training costs
  • Improve employee stability
  • Optimize internal and external workforce
  • Do accurate resource planning with records of employees’ schedules and availabilities
  • Make sure work that requires a specific skillset is assigned to the right people. Guide Ti database contains skillsets for each employee!
  • Identify users in specific notification groups so they will receive notifications, alerts and approvals specific to their job function in their area of the facility

Create and maintain a safer and healthier workplace

Health and safety issues are important to COGEP. Guide Ti has many features that contribute to the safety of maintenance and production employees and positively impact human resources.

One of them is the implementation of asset-specific health and safety procedures applicable during repairs. So, for example, while executing a WO, the technician could report any hazards on their job.

Reporting is an important tool as well. You could quickly run a report of “identified hazards” for the safety manager, and they could decide on safety improvement projects to fund.

Guide Ti supports and manages work permits. For instance, you can use a WO parameter field to record any permits that are required for a job (Hot work, confined space, etc…) and then you can attach the physical permit to the WO.

Guide Ti makes it possible to assess the risk of each work order. Here are exciting features:

  • History of change of standards
  • Access to equipment history to facilitate the arrival and safety of new employees
  • Presence of procedures by assets
  • Our multi-parameter field meters allow you to identify hazards

Unique Isolations / Lockout Tagout functions can be found are in our Lockout Tagout section.

11 business challenges that CMMS Guide Ti can help you meet

Guide Ti is a maintenance management tool that has an impact on all of a company’s operations.

In fact, implementing good maintenance practices combined with the use of Guide Ti will help your organization be more competitive.

With Guide Ti, COGEP helps companies meet 11 challenges they face in their quest for excellence.

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