Repairable Spare Parts in CMMS

Efficiently manage repairable parts.

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repairable spare parts

Whether the repair is internal or outsourced, the system lets you monitor and coordinate repair actions, delivery time and costs.

Managing broken parts that need to be repaired is simple with Guide Ti. The software lets you manage the changing status of repairable spare parts : in use, in repair, and in inventory.

Guide Ti lets you manage parts throughout their entire life cycle. This makes it possible to accumulate and track the costs associated with the repair of each component. This is an important aspect of asset management in different industries.

It is also possible to create prevention plans on components based on calendar or operation settings (IoT). Each component has a unique serial number and can be quickly identified in the inventory, with its related history and cost. A simple search can also tell you on which assets and locations (vehicle, production line, place in the building or territory, etc.) you can find a component.


  • The unique cost of each component
  • Manage the replacement of components through the work order
  • Record different types of meter or condition data on a component
  • Create prevention plans for components

11 business challenges that CMMS Guide Ti can help you meet

Guide Ti is a maintenance management tool that has an impact on all of a company’s operations.

In fact, implementing good maintenance practices combined with the use of Guide Ti will help your organization be more competitive.

With Guide Ti, COGEP helps companies meet 11 challenges they face in their quest for excellence.

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