Part Request in CMMS

Manage and track spare parts requests better and reduce procurement delays.

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Guide Ti’s spare parts purchasing and inventory management module considerably reduces procurement delays and improves tracking inventory.

Through Guide Ti, you can replenish your company’s equipment parts according to the minimum and maximum levels you have established. Furthermore, features like suggested order quantity will help better monitor and manage your inventory. Avoid stock-outs and production stoppages. In addition, maintenance employees can add parts to the computerized inventory, classify them and search for them more efficiently.

In Guide Ti, parts or service requests integrate seamlessly into the work order. When you create a request, you can specify service or parts, coded or not, in stock or directly from your supplier. Moreover, you can include more than one vendor in the same work order.

In the process leading up to the part request, the inventory search is intuitive and straightforward to find parts essential to executing the work order. You can search for parts or equipment in the catalog and pre-define the Bill of Materials (BOM). You can also select multiple parts and make batch selections. There can be a detailed or straightforward workflow, which can include monetary values if desired.


Features that improve your Part Request efficiency:

  • Indicators of parts availability for repair execution
  • Find parts easily, avoiding creation of duplicates when a search ends without results
  • Use batch selection for multiple parts
  • Create and send parts list (BOMs) requests to your suppliers for action
  • Create one request instead of many to order parts from multiple vendors
  • Search and select parts within Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Create requests for coded or uncoded parts/services
  • Create a part request from a predefined parts-required list in just one click
  • Follow the status of the request at every step of the purchase process

Learn more on the purchasing/inventory module in the Guide Ti with Inventory Management section.

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