An impressive range of products for all maintenance practitioners offered by COGEP

If you wish to manage your preventive and corrective tasks and possibly implement a reliability process with a single tool, you should get to know Guide Ti. You will also be able to manage your human resources, parts and budgets within the same software. A holistic CMMS solution that supports you in achieving your objectives and meeting the challenges of your organization.

Whether you are looking for a stand-alone CMMS solution or add-ons for ERPs, we’ve got you covered!

Guide Ti is a powerful maintenance software that many American companies have chosen to help them manage the maintenance of their physical assets. Thanks to COGEP, they can count on more than 30 years of expertise.

Explore our maintenance management product lines

Guide Ti CMMS on-Premises

On-premises software requires that an enterprise purchase a copy of Guide Ti and implement it on its servers to use it. Our award-winning CMMS/EAM, Guide Ti, is available on-premises.

Guide Ti CMMS as SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud-based software solution in which software providers like COGEP deliver applications to users over the internet. Guide Ti is available as SaaS.

Our computerized maintenance management software solutions- CMMS modules

CMMS mobile app

Guide Ti Mobile CMMS

COGEP Leadership is one of kind. Guide Ti is the first-ever CMMS Mobile app! Fulfill your work orders more efficiently and stay connected wherever you go! For maintenance employees who work away from their offices and in multiple remote locations, using a CMMS mobile application revolutionizes best practices, facilitates decision-making, and minimizes the risk of error or loss of information.

Guide Ti Bar Code Reader App

Easily track and manage equipment repairs and inspection with bar codes.

Guide Ti Advanced Dynamic Dashboard

Guide Ti Advanced Dashboard is a business intelligence reporting and visual maintenance analytics module for ERPs or as a stand-alone application. Our Dynamic Dashboard can help anyone see and understand their KPIs. Connect to almost any equipment, drag and drop to create visualizations, and print reports in the blink of an eye.

Guide Ti Add-ons and Modules for ERPs

Optimize asset management with most ERPs (SAP, Dynamics, JDE, Oracle, Sage, among others) with Guide Ti Add-ons. An easy-to-use, flexible maintenance software module will increase the efficiency of several key areas of your operations, including the preventive and predictive maintenance of your assets and reliability.

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