Project Management in CMMS

Manage your shutdowns, expansions, and new lines of equipment efficiently.

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Project Management

Track all maintenance tasks with individual work orders per segment, all tied to an overall project!

Guide Ti lets you manage projects by grouping work orders under the same heading. A WO is then attached to a project to track hours and budget. By accumulating the available data, you can track the evolution of the project and perform rigorous follow-up and control. Project Management in CMMS Guide Ti is better than any other CMMS software.

Many projects require multiple tasks executed by different people and/or teams and need to be done at different times. You can tie all these tasks, with their respective labor and parts costs, together as individual work orders associated with one overall project.

Project that requires work done by multiple teams

Do you have a massive project that requires work done by multiple teams? Construction contractors doing the foundation work, steel erectors installing the framework, millwrights setting the equipment, electricians wiring it, and your maintenance team testing it? Track it all with individual work orders per segment, all tied to an overall project!

Better planned and managed shutdowns

If you plan an annual plant shutdown in which lots of different work is done throughout the facility, you can create a project for it, associate all work orders to the project and have shutdown work lists at your fingertips as you prepare and execute the work. After the shutdown, easily see the total cost of the shutdown.

Guide Ti Project Management Additional Features

  • Easily review a summary of the work that has been done so far, and the work that needs to be done (including its scheduled date and projected cost) associated to the project.
  • Apply a budget to the project and see how the team is doing in terms of actual spending vs. planned spending.
  • Manage buildings, equipment and new construction.
  • Filter by project.

11 business challenges that CMMS Guide Ti can help you meet

Guide Ti is a maintenance management tool that has an impact on all of a company’s operations.

In fact, implementing good maintenance practices combined with the use of Guide Ti will help your organization be more competitive.

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